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Eladio Dieste

"I studied engineering because I am interested physics astronomy - I am fascinated by the posibility of understanding reality through the physical mathematical language." Eladio Dieste

In an industry so often enamored by media-coddled superstars with trendy clients, Eladio Dieste stands out as a refreshing and inspiring figure. Born in Uruguay, Dieste spent most of his long and productive career creating industrial and agrarian works, public infrastructure, commercial buildings, and small churches in his native country. Dieste’s unique and innovative method of design, a melding of architecture and engineering, elevated these often humble buildings to masterworks of art. Capitalizing on his revolutionary approach to building with reinforced masonry, Dieste built aesthetically stunning structures economically. If he often worked outside the architectural mainstream, he never lost sight of the modest people for whom his structures were built.” Eladio Dieste: Innovation in Structural Art by Stanford Anderson

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Thanks Sam for reminding me of Dieste!


Sinai Hotels | Stefanie Zoche

Unfinished hotel resorts in Sinai, Egypt 2002-05


St.Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals (Netherlands) | Hans Van der Laan | Socks Studio

"Architecture is born of this original discrepancy between the two spaces – the horizontally oriented space of our experience and the vertically oriented space of nature; it begins when we add vertical walls to the horizontal surface of the earth.

Through architecture a piece of natural space is as it were set on its side so as to correspond to our experience-space. In this new space we live not so much against the earth as against the walls; our space lies not upon the earth but between walls.

This space brings a completion to natural space that allows it to be brought into relation with our experience-space; at the same time it allows our specifically human space to be assimilated into the homogenous order of nature.”

- Hans Van der Laan


Inside the modernization and insulation of an armory. Read more. Ver en alta resolución


Inside the modernization and insulation of an armory. Read more.

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